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Repairing a degraded sewer line can cost anywhere from $200 for root removal to tens of thousands of dollars for a complete line replacement and remediation of the landscaping. Identifying potential issues before purchasing or renovating a home can make all the difference in the world. Although the sewer line is out of sight, it should not be out of mind. The cost to identify problems with an inspection could save thousands of dollars later. You’re happy. Your clients are happy.


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    Buyer’s confidence in knowing the condition of the sewer line before purchase

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    Ability to negotiate any needed repairs before closing

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    As an agent, you have the confidence that your client will not be disappointed later if an issue arises, but the window has closed for negotiation

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    Provide consultation on problems identified by inspection. We have solutions to facilitate the sale/purchase even when sewer problems exist.

If requested our sewer CCTV service can include a color recording of the entire process, as well as a written report with a comprehensive summary of the findings and elements that may need to be repaired. This information can then be used as a resource and shared with your plumber if repairs are necessary.

We absolutely recommend video CCTV inspections for all houses, problems with sewers have been found in new and old homes. These flaws in the sewer line can cost thousands of dollars to repair. It is imperative that these repairs are made before sewage backs up out of drains and destroys your home and possessions.

We recommend yearly video sewer pipeline inspections since debris, household soaps and grease and even plant roots, can clog or damage your sewer and drain lines. Yearly inspections can catch potential problems before they cause expensive damage.

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Need Sewer or Drain Repair ?

Sewer leaks and back-ups are probably the most unpleasant plumbing situations you can encounter.

The reason for the leaks and backups can be a minor blockage (maybe a toy or other debris in the line) to a broken sewer, or shifted deteriorated line.

Atlas Sewer has the qualified technicians on staff to unblock the line and advise on whether or not further repairs are required. Atlas Sewer has a licensed journeyman plumber on staff that is available to assist with any sewer repairs and advise on what corrective measures to take.