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You return home from work to find your drains are plugged and clogged. What do you do? Call Atlas Sewer for our expert and affordable drain cleaning services. We will have your drains cleaned, cleared, and freely flowing. Sewer gas leak detection is another popular service Atlas Sewer provides. Our technicians can advise why a blockage occurs and how to prevent it from happening again. Several areas where drain blockages commonly occur include the main sewer, fixture traps, sharp bends, directional changes in lateral lines, floor drains, toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks.

Our technicians are extremely experienced to find and clear the blockage fast and affordable. We give you the greatest value possible. And YES Atlas travels out of town!

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Sewer Gas or Odors

Sewer gas or odors are a very troubling and offensive problem. Atlas Sewer was the first in Regina to offer a leak detection device to locate this problem. The device is connected to the sewer system, then turned on. The device (commonly called a smoker) generates a non-toxic white smoke that finds the location of the leak. The device can be used anywhere on any system to find breaches.

More than manpower is necessary to remedy a clogged drain. Your drain cleaning technician must wield the right equipment to get the job done. At Atlas Sewer, we use every type of drain cleaning machine ranging from the small hand machine to drain machines capable of cleaning main sewers out to the city main. One of the most powerful devices in our arsenal is the cable machine. This machine clears drains and sewers by rotating a flexible cable made of metal through the pipe. Attachments at the end of the cable aid the process by scraping, boring, cutting and retrieving pipe blockages. Every type of pipe blockage is different and requires knowledge of the proper size cable and the right cutting head. Our technicians have the specialized knowledge of the equipment to get the job done in the most effective way possible.

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Need Sewer or Drain Repair ?

Sewer leaks and back-ups are probably the most unpleasant plumbing situations you can encounter.

The reason for the leaks and backups can be a minor blockage (maybe a toy or other debris in the line) to a broken sewer, or shifted deteriorated line.

Atlas Sewer has the qualified technicians on staff to unblock the line and advise on whether or not further repairs are required. Atlas Sewer has a licensed journeyman plumber on staff that is available to assist with any sewer repairs and advise on what corrective measures to take.